Daily Check-in App

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The Daily Wellness App monitors and records how you are feeling and indicates the areas that need attention

health and wellbeing app
health and wellbeing app

A framework that tunes us in to the laws of nature. The Chinese developed the theory of the Five Elements through close observation of how their own beings and nature were intimately governed by the same rhythms.

How can we give ourselves what we need without clarity? This Daily Check-in App is designed to give you feedback on areas of your life that need attention. It's quick, easy and fun to use.

health and wellbeing app

Clarity is the first step, what to do with the information is your choice. It can take up to a month to really see the imbalances that pervade. The element(s) that is regularly rated low will start to fade on your five element chart. We encourage you to pay attention to the element with the lowest rating and keep recording your observations.

You'll know you're paying attention to your whole Self when you experience a sense of well-being despite what is going on in your life. You'll also notice that the colours of your five element chart will look even.